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It’s the time of year again to announce the date and time of the next Pedal On Parliament. We’re meeting at The Meadows in Edinburgh to process to Holyrood and hand over our manifesto for a cycle friendly Scotland. One of the many reasons we do this is to highlight that many more people would use bicycles as a mode of transport if they felt safer on the roads. In 2013 there were 13 fatal collisions involving cyclists on Scotland’s roads. Most, if not all, of these incidents could have been avoided if cyclists had space to travel without the danger posed by motor vehicles. Plus more people using bike means fewer people causing the traffic jams that motorists all hate being in.

Each year I have recorded a song for Pedal on Parliament. In the past the songs have been a celebration of cycling, or a protest at the tiny proportion of the transport budget that is allocated to active travel (cycling and walking). This year I have taken a more sombre tone in a lament for the 13 people that lost their lives in 2013. I hope that this will help remind us of why we’re doing this, and also demonstrate to our politicians that not enough is being done to keep the people of Scotland safe.


The Scottish Government want 10 percent of journeys to be by bicycle by 2020. However they are undecided as to whether this is a target, goal, vision, wish or pipe-dream. To me it’s simple. 10% of journeys requires 10% of the transport budget, not the tiny drop currently allocated to active travel infrastructure. To help us campaign for better provision please join us at the Meadows in Edinburgh, 19th May 2013 at 3pm to travel en masse to Holyrood. Visit for more details.

My new POP song calls for a better allocation of transport funds.

Grab an mp3 version here if you wish.

Song lyrics are below, after the credits or you can switch on subtitles.

Extra special thanks to:
Andy Arthur ( for allowing me to raid his flickr account, and for producing the poster shown at the end (and all the POP art work).
David Brennan ( for the Milngavie Road video and for starting this wonderful movement.
BikingJaz ( who went out especially to get the Paisley footage.
Mark Wagenbuur for the Amsterdam images and the article that inspired verse 3. (…)

Thanks to the following people for letting me use their images and footage:
Chris Hill –…
Mavisness –…
Andy Preece –…
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Thanks to Sara Rich Dorman and Sally Hinchcliffe for putting me in touch with some of the folks listed above.


It’s been over a year since I sang “Get On Your Bike”,
In that time we’ve not seen much change, there’s nothing here to like.
When we came here in 2012 you said we’re pushing at an open door,
But the door was jammed only 2 inches wide, for us to fit we’re gonna need some

10 percent needs 10 percent, And that makes so much sense.
If you want to see us walk, run and bike
You’ve gotta build an infrastructure we’d like
10 percent needs 10 percent, So you’ve gotta do a whole lot more
10 percent is what we’re pedaling for.

6 million is not enough to build the system that we need,
It comes to less than 1 percent of the transport budget you agreed.
To build a system worthy of calling Scotland a bike friendly place
You need to put our money where your mouth is, and build the active travel

Amsterdam in the 60s looked like Edinburgh does today.
Cars and buses clogged the roads and cyclists couldn’t see the way.
But when we see what they’ve achieved we gotta ask “Why can’t we?”
With enough commitment, will and gumption the solution is easy to see.

In April 2012 3000 cyclists met at The Meadows in Edinburgh and pedalled to Holyrood to deliver our cycling manifesto. We believe that adoption of the manifesto by the Scottish Parliament will help make Scotland a cycle friendly nation, and help them to deliver their goal of 10 percent of journeys by bike, by 2020.

To see the manifesto you can visit or see the highlights on one of the videos I made for the event.

Since then very little has happened. In the following budget a mere £6 million was allocated to cycle infrastructure. This is less than 1 percent of the total transport budget, and just goes to show that motorised traffic has the priority in the minds of our politicians.

So I hope I can count on you to join us at the Meadows again, 19th May 3pm. We’ll be going at a slow pace so even those without bikes can come and walk with us. If you would like to see Scotland become a cycle friendly nation and help tackle some of our social ills such as pollution, unsafe roads, obesity and unhealthiness then please support Pedal on Parliament.

I’m really excited about Pedal On Parliament on 28th April. To celebrate and publicise it I created this wee music video.

If you want you can get the song as an MP3 – getonyourbike.mp3

Or help yourself to the ringtone – bikeringtone.mp3