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Last year I reported on the state of Glen Road, a walking, cycling, horse riding track between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane. My original report can be seen here.

Recently I was engaged in an online conversation with the folks from Stirling Cycle Hub. They had been up Glen Road and reported that they had had a lovely ride, so I figured it was time to head up there again and see if conditions had improved since I was last there.

To summarise, conditions have improved to the point that you can cycle the whole way (unless you’re on a thin wheeled road bike), but I still think there is work to do.

This video shows the entire ride there and back starting from Stirling University. A lot of it is sped up so as not to bore you on the long uneventful sections.

There are a few things to note. Firstly, the Bridge of Allan end of Glen Road and Upper Glen Road, which is where you have to go for a through route these days, are disgraceful. There are a lot of affluent households in this area, plus the golf club. A lot of Council Tax pennies come from this area so to have a road surface like this beggars belief.


Once you get beyond the sections of road that are regularly beaten by the local Chelsea Tractors it becomes a much more pleasant affair. As you pass the point where motor vehicles are no longer allowed a sign warns “Danger, Holes in the Road”. It’s true, the road is a little bumpy here, but no where near as bumpy as it was a few months ago.

Water damage

Flood damage as seen in September 2012.

Filled in using a skip full of gravel, as seen in June 2013.

Filled in using a skip full of gravel, as seen in June 2013.

It’s good that the work has been done, and the road can now be cycled (although I wouldn’t attempt it on my road bike). It’s still incredibly bumpy, especially on that section at the top of the picture that looks a lot smoother than it is. See the video above at 3:22 and 10:35 for a better idea of how bumpy it is.

After this it’s a rather pleasant ride. There are a couple of gravelly bits, but they are short and not particularly taxing on my hybrid’s wheels. Just before the bridge over the Wharry Burn a massive cleanup job has been done.


Mudslide blocking the road – September 2012.

The mudslide has been cleared - Seen June 2013.

The mudslide has been cleared – Seen June 2013.

I am seriously impressed with this clearing. I originally feared that the makeshift path on the left was the best we were going to get, but the work done here cheered me up.

One last thing to note. On the way back I noticed the reason why Glen Road is closed at the Bridge of Allan end and why we need to use Upper Glen Road instead.

That's not a shadow on the road, it's a huge hole.

That’s not a shadow on the road, it’s a huge hole.

Apparently Stirling Council  intend to fix it. Good luck folks.

So, Glen road (with a diversion over Upper Glen Road) is now passable on a bike and is an enjoyable ride, as long as you take it easy over the bumpy bits that I think need a little more work done to them.