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It’s the time of year again to announce the date and time of the next Pedal On Parliament. We’re meeting at The Meadows in Edinburgh to process to Holyrood and hand over our manifesto for a cycle friendly Scotland. One of the many reasons we do this is to highlight that many more people would use bicycles as a mode of transport if they felt safer on the roads. In 2013 there were 13 fatal collisions involving cyclists on Scotland’s roads. Most, if not all, of these incidents could have been avoided if cyclists had space to travel without the danger posed by motor vehicles. Plus more people using bike means fewer people causing the traffic jams that motorists all hate being in.

Each year I have recorded a song for Pedal on Parliament. In the past the songs have been a celebration of cycling, or a protest at the tiny proportion of the transport budget that is allocated to active travel (cycling and walking). This year I have taken a more sombre tone in a lament for the 13 people that lost their lives in 2013. I hope that this will help remind us of why we’re doing this, and also demonstrate to our politicians that not enough is being done to keep the people of Scotland safe.