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It’s all about the money. I’m a member of our local Community Council, so I’m up to speed on what our local council are doing and what they would like to do. Councils in general want to do their very best, but just don’t have the money. Below is a video reviewing recent and not so recent cycling infrastructure along the A91, a road that I cycle every day to get to work. Clackmannanshire Council have done a magnificent job with the path between Alva and Tillicoultry, but they need to get the back road behind Alva and Menstrie tidied up quite drastically.

Stirling council have done a fairly half-baked job of widening the path between Logie Kirk and Blairlogie. They would have done a better job, but a local councillor has told me that they have done the best they can within their budget.

If we want people to consider walking or cycling for short journeys rather than jumping into the car all the time and adding to the pollution, congestion, and ill-health of our nation then paths like the Alva-Tilli one should be built all over Scotland, and that will take a proper commitment from the Scottish Government. 5% of the transport budget will take hardly anything away from the motorised roads they want to build, but would go a long way to making Scotland a cycle friendly country. I’ll be at Pedal on Parliament on April 26th to add my voice to the demand that our government tries harder.