It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s Stirling Cycle Hub.

Opened today at the front of Stirling Railway Station is a new facility that hopes to help get people cycling in the Stirling area. I popped in during lunch break and was greeted with a very warm welcome and an offer of cake. The staff there seemed to be passionate about cycling and we had good banter, including them mentioning that they’d seen a video of some guy singing down at Powis junction and then asking for an autograph when they realised it was me.

The place appears to be an information centre. There is a large leaflet rack containing information about local cycling routes, shops and even some Pedal on Parliament leaflets that they were given at the Scottish Bike Show. There is also a massive map of the area on the back wall in order to help you work out how to get to all the wonderful cycle routes in the area. They were very pleased to receive a Pedal on Parliament poster from me, especially as it was the first poster on their nice new cork board.

How popular it is and how much use it will be remains to be seen. If you want to keep up with them then you can follow @StirlCycleHub on twitter or stirlingcyclehub on facebook.

For those who are really keen, here’s the conversation I shared with them.

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